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Назва: Physics with Fundamentals of Biophysics
Автори: Posudin, Yuriy
Ключові слова: Physics, Fundamentals of Biophysics
Дата публікації: 2014
Видавництво: Printline
Короткий огляд (реферат): The text-book “Physics with Fundamentals of Biophysics” published in English is intended for the students who attend the English-speaking lectures in educational institutions of Ukraine; it can be useful for the foreign students and post-graduate students, translators and everybody who is interested in English terminology in the field of physics and biophysics. The main objectives of the course “Physics with Fundamentals of Biophysics” is to expose principal laws and theses of physics which make it possible to study general regularities of natural phenomena; to apply the principles and methods of the physical sciences to biological problems; to consider the biophysical problems which are concerned with the viability of living objects (plants, animals, microorganisms) and their interaction with the environment; to elucidate possible application of physical instrumentation to agricultural, biological, ecological, and medical practice. The text-book is supplied with the examples of solutions of practical biophysical problems, control questions pertaining to those problems that require clarification. Rating system of estimation of students´ level of knowledge is offered also. Each text modulus contains the vocabulary of physical and biophysical terms. The informative material is given in appendix
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://dglib.nubip.edu.ua:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/97
ISBN: 966-540-000-2
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