Prevalence of pancreatic pathology in dog




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The article presents the results of the study of the prevalence of pancreatic diseases among dogs in Kyiv. Was studied the history disease of 5075 dogs showed that more than 90 % of the cases of non-infectious etiology are. It has been established that diseases of the digestive system in general make up 20,3 % of the total non-infectious pathology and occupy the third place in the frequency of occurrence after diseases of the skin and the cardiovascular system. It is determined that among the diseases of the digestive system in dogs the most frequent occurrence of intestinal diseases – 31, 5 %); the second place is occupied by diseases of the pancreas – 28, 6 %; in third place were liver and gall bladder diseases, which were diagnosed in 27,5 %. A total of 10,3 % animals had gastric diseases and 2,1 % had esophageal diseases. Among them, the main place belongs to the inflammatory disease of the pancreas of inflammatory genesis, which make up 28,6 among pathologies of the digestive system and 94,6 % among pancreatic pathologies in general. Thus, inflammation of the pancreas in dogs is 94,6 % of the total number of pathologies of this organ. Analyzing the above, it can be argued that every 17 animals in Kyiv suffer from pancreatitis. Given the lack of objective diagnostic criteria for pancreatitis in dogs, the difficulty in verifying the diagnosis and frequent pancreatitis, together with related diseases, can be assumed that the data obtained are underestimated.


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Prevalence of pancreatic pathology in dog / A.G. Milastnaia, V.B. Dukhnytskyi // Український часопис ветеринарних наук. – К. : НУБіП України, 2019. - Том 10, № 4. – С. 138 - 143