Actual Problems of Meat-Processing Industry




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Editing center of the NULES of Ukraine


The manual describes the problems that exist at the modern situation in meatprocessing industry of Ukraine and considered the principal properties of substances, which form the raw materials and finished products, as well as reviewed the mechanisms of processes of their use at all stages of their reprocessing and production. there are given the comparative characteristics of the traditional and modern technologies of manufacturing of meat products and specified advantages and drawbacks of use of ingredients of foods, as well as the biologically active additives used as the integral components of ration of men in XXI century. There is detailed the information on modern state of use of nanomaterials in processes of producing and packing of meat products, interpreted the problem of modern state of assuring of its proper quality and safety of consumption. There are given the information on recommended methods of organization of mass production in conditions of protection of good conditions of the territory adjoining to the enterprise and environment in whole. The manual is assigned for masters of sciences of specialty of 181 "Alimentary technologies", post-graduate students, specialists who operate in sphere of reprocessing of products of agriculture and all persons interested rising of quality and safety of foods


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м'ясо, м'ясопродукти

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Actual Problems of Meat-Processing Industry : manual / L. V. Bal’-Prylypko [et al.] ; Under the general ed. L. V. Bal’-Prylypko. - Second Edition, revised and augmented. - К. : Editing center of the NULES of Ukraine, 2016. - 368 p.