European economic integration




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NULES of Ukraine


The tutorial «European economic integration» is compiled according to the work program of the studying course. The theoretical foundations of international economic integration are highlighted. The issues of formation and functioning of the European Union under conditions of sustainable development are considered. The institutional structure, budget, common agricultural, regional and environmental policies of the EU are analyzed in detail. Particular attention is paid to evaluation of the opportunities and threats to Ukraine's national econ- omy after ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU. The edition is intended for English speaking students. It can also be useful for teachers, researchers, graduate students, managers and specialists of enterprises, civil servants and those who have an interest in the integration of Ukraine's economy to the European Union.


Approved for publication by the decision of the Academic Council of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

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international economic integration, economic integration, European Parliament, European Commission

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European economic integration : tutorial / S. M. Kvasha, O. M. Faichuk, O. V. Faichuk. - К. : NULES of Ukraine, 2019. - 270 p. - ISBN 978-617-7630-83-7