Corrective effect of milk phospholipids in pathological conditions




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Editura Ion Ionescu de la Brad


The monograph reflects the results of recent studies on the corrective action of milk phospholipids in the form of the liposomal form of biologically active additives “FLP-MD” for the effects of ecopathogenic environmental factors (ionizing radiation, heavy metals (cadmium), chemicals) and the development of entero-and hepatopathology, which It is recommended for implementation as an element of endoecological technology for the treatment, prophylactic and rehabilitation measures in veterinary medicine. For specialists in the field of clinical biochemistry, clinical diagnostics, physiology and pathophysiology, therapy, morphology and pharmacology, practicing doctors of veterinary medicine, as well as for undergraduates, postgraduate and doctoral students, scientific research institutes, scientific and pedagogical workers of higher educational institutions of veterinary and biological profile.


Recommended for printing by the Academic Council of the National University of Life Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

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milk phospholipids, молочні фосфоліпіди

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Corrective effect of milk phospholipids in pathological conditions : monography / V. Tomchuk [et al.]. - Iasi : Editura Ion Ionescu de la Brad, 2019. - 104 p. - ISBN 978-973-147-348-2