Маркетинг партнерських відносин м'ясопереробних підприємств




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Дисертація на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата економічних наук зі спеціальності 08.00.04 «Економіка та управління підприємствами (за видами економічної діяльності)». Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування України. Київ, 2018. У дисертації розроблено теоретичні положення та методичні рекомендації щодо формування ефективної системи маркетингу партнерських відносин м’ясопереробних підприємств. У рамках поставлених завдань досліджено понятійний апарат маркетингу партнерських відносин, обґрунтовано науковий підхід щодо організаційного та інформаційного забезпечення системи маркетингу взаємовідносин, запропоновано методичний підхід до оцінки маркетингу взаємин. Проведено аналіз кон’юнктури ринку продукції м’ясопереробних підприємств та визначено фактори, які впливають на тенденції розвитку виробництва і споживання м’ясопродукції. Здійснено оцінювання маркетингової діяльності м’ясопереробних підприємств Житомирської області та проаналізовано рівень партнерських відносин цих підприємств з партнерами та споживачами. Надано пропозиції щодо напрямів розвитку маркетингу партнерських відносин м’ясопереробних підприємств для прийняття обґрунтованих управлінських рішень. На основі економетричного моделювання здійснено прогноз рівня споживання м’яса та м’ясопродуктів до 2020 року та визначено оптимальний обсяг споживання основних видів м’яса, а також їх калорійність для різних груп населення України за рівнем доходу. Розроблено практичні рекомендації щодо вдосконалення комплексу маркетингу взаємовідносин для цільових сегментів м’ясопереробних підприємств. Сформовано організаційно-економічний механізм маркетингу партнерських відносин


Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Economic science, specialty 08.00.04 «Economics and Management by Enterprises (According Types of Economic Activity)». National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Kyiv, 2018. In the thesis paper, theoretic regulations are generalized, methodological approaches are improved and practical recommendations regarding forming the effective marketing system of inter-relations of meat-processing enterprises with the purpose of their sustainable development and competitive ability growth are given. On the ground of processing the scientific heritage of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, the tendencies of development of marketing were analyzed, in particular, the peculiarities of its modern concepts were characterized. It is established that the concept of marketing of co-operation is directed at developing the personal, long-term relations with consumers in the process of satisfying their needs. The author studied the conceptual construct of marketing of partner relations and suggested the definition of this notion as a process of formation, development and support of long-term, mutually profitable partner relations with all interested participants of co-operation for a more complete satisfaction of consumers’ needs on the ground of observance of interests of business entities and society as a whole. The scientific approach of organizational and informational provision of marketing system of inter-relations was grounded, and the principal directions of development of inter-relations of an enterprise-manufacturer with principal participants of co-operation. The methodological approach regarding the estimation of inter-relations marketing is suggested. It is grounded on the analysis of primary functions of marketing complex combined with the estimation of the level and quality of enterprises’ partner relations. The principal criteria of specification of effectiveness of enterprises’ partner relations are level of trust, correlation of price and quality of products, favourable attitude to partners, sustainability and stability of commercial agreements, availability of respective CRM-systems and information technologies and level of mutual aid while taking a joint decision. In the thesis paper, the conjuncture of the market of products of meat-processing enterprises was analyzed. The principal issues which directly affect the tendencies of development of manufacture and consumption of meat and meat products in Ukraine were defined. It is detected that consumer demand is oriented to cheap meat products to a greater extent and to high-quality products to a lesser extent, as the consumers’ purchasing power has substantially decreased in the period of 2010–2016 years. It is proven that inflationary processes were affecting the market conjuncture significantly during the period analyzed, which in turn caused the constant price raising, as the price index to food products for the period under study increased by more than 37 %, herewith, the one to meat and meat products by more than 35 %. It is detected that the structure of import of meat products will lean more and more in favour of beef and veal. The volume of export of pork increased in two times for the period under study, and poultry meat was exported seven times more in 2016 in comparison with 2011. Subsequent to the results of the analysis of marketing activity of meat-processing enterprises of Zhytomyr region, it is established that the highest level of fulfilment of marketing functions is in Zhytomyr Meat-Processing Plant LLC. The results of the study carried out testify about the dependence between the level of fulfilment of marketing functions by enterprises and competitive ability of their products. On the basis of the algorithm suggested, the level of correlation of partner relations is analyzed. It takes into account the estimation of factors of partners’ satisfaction from their joint business activity pursuant to the data of expert estimation according to the measuring scale. The results of the studies testify a high level of marketing of partner relations in Zhytomyr Meat-Processing Plant LLC, a low level in Novohrad-Volynskyi Meat-Processing Plant PJSC and an average level in Berdychiv Meat-Processing Plant PJSC. In the thesis paper, the directions of development of marketing of partner relations of meat-processing enterprises in the process of co-operation with other economic entities under conditions of the market space are grounded. The mechanism of inter-relations of principal market participants is suggested. It stipulates a strategic orientation to the provision of coherent co-operation for taking reasonable management decisions. With the involvement of econometric modeling tools, the level of consumption of meat and meat products for one person per year during the period of 2017–2020 years according to two variants was prognosticated. The first variant of the prognosis is carried out pursuant to the hour structure of the process with the use of ARIMA model, which testifies the expected value of consumption of meat products till 2020 within the bounds of 51–52 kg for one person per year. The second variant is based on inter-connection of consumption of meat products and GDP per head of population, which confirms the possible level of consumption of 49.5–50.4 kg for one person per year. In the thesis paper, the author estimated the optimum plan of consumption of principal kinds of meat, as well as their calorific capacity for different population stratums taking into account their income level. Pursuant to the estimated data, in the thesis paper the consumers were segmented, and the target segments for Zhytomyr Meat-Processing Plant LLC were defined. The strategy of full market coverage by virtue of applying differentiated marketing is suggested. It stipulates working out the plan of marketing complex of partner relations for segment 1 and segments 2, 3. The plan of development of marketing of inter-relations («5P») for separate segments was improved. The received results of the study carried out gave the grounds to form an organizational and economic mechanism of marketing of partner relations, which demands making amendments in organizational management structure with the purpose of provision of respective level of prognosis, planning, organization, motivation, coordination and control of co-operation of an enterprise with partners

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Маркетинг партнерських відносин м'ясопереробних підприємств: автореф. дис. ... кандидата економічних наук 08.00.04 "Економіка та управління підприємствами (за видами економічної діяльності)" / К.М. Луцій ; Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування. - К., 2018. - 22 с